Dental Aixin AXPT-2 Automatic Polymerisation Unit
Location:MJ Dental Supplies
Sale Price:RM5,000

Supplier:MJ Dental Supplies
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Phone Number:0122928299

The Automatic Polymerization Former unit is a newly developed equiptment that has entered dental
laboratories and changing the working environment, making it much easier for dental technicians to
do their jobs. This machine is user friendly. No boiling and pressing is necessary.
It features: automatic pressure, automatic heating, high efficiency and environmental friendly, which
makes it superior to the traditional boiling method.

It is a piece of high-tech equiptment with easy operations. Simply put the flasks which are ready on
the platform, screw it down with the handle, after that remove the flask and excess materials. Then
put the flask on the platform again and turn on the power. Turn to the automatic mode, adjust
positions (upper and lower position, 2 flasks for each position) and set the timer.

After about 40 minutes, the process is complete and the dentures will be ready. The main features are
low price, high efficiency, low power consumption and ease of handling.