Dental Plaster Dispenser
Location:MJ Dental Supplies
Sale Price:RM24,500

Supplier:MJ Dental Supplies
Email Address:Email Supplier
Phone Number:0122928299

1.Wall mounted style,save the storage room.
2.Store the plaster in occluding envitoment,without dust contamination.
3.Separating storage in several buckets,make the operating in easy way.
4.Automatic and stable dispensing according to the required volumn.
5.The buckets resistance of moisture,hard to be blocked.
6.Long term and safe using once installed.
7.Electric hanging,easy to use.

  • Technical Specification
  • 1.Bucket Capacity: 30kg Plaster Powder
  • 2. Empty Bucket Weight: 20kg
  • 3.Hoisting Ability: &le50kg
  • 4.Voltage:220V
  • 5.The Maximum Hoisting Height From The Floor: 2.0m
  • 6. The Maximum Rail Expansion: 700mm
  • 7.Plaster Powder Flow Rate: Around 18ml/s