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Dental Dental Lab Bench (JG-3 Marble Top)
Location:MJ Dental Supplies
Sale Price:RM18,500

Supplier:MJ Dental Supplies
Email Address:Email Supplier
Phone Number:0122928299

The characteristic of the bench is powerful suction and low noise, it comes complete with the workstation, adjustable work lamp, comfortable armrests, gas burner, high pressure air nozzle, internal socket, noiseless dust collecting system, dust drawer and NSK Ultimate XL Micromotor

  • Characteristic
  • 1.Fluorescent work lamp makes you more relax
  • 2.Powerful suction with low noise
  • 3.Whole steel structure
  • 4.Marble work top
  • 5.Stable and comfortable armrest
  • 6.Clear visual through the transparent piece
  • 7.Optional colors for the bench drawer