Dental Zhermack CM 1 D
Location:MJ Dental Supplies
Sale Price:RM8,950

Supplier:MJ Dental Supplies
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Phone Number:0122928299

CM 1 D:benchtop model
CM 1 DS: free-standing model
Digital electronic control with microprocessor for/with:
programming of rotation time between 10 and 60 seconds with digital display
digital adjustment of the arm opening starting torque

FREE button, to unblock the motor brake
START button, pressing this enables start which is triggered by the closing of the hatch
Sensor noting the correct positioning of the rotation sysytem for safety in the working environment
Electromechnical hatch-blocking device, avoids the opening of the hatch while the system is rotating
Quick adjustment of the investment size
Pre-set balance adjustment
Silent, solid structure and perfectly balanced

  • Advantages
  • The motor brake, hatch block and correct positioning sensor of the rotation system ensure maximum safety levels
  • Easy to use thanks to the quick adjustment of the cylinder height and of the balance
  • The double-jointed arm optimises the pouring of melted metal into the coating cylinder
  • 1-year warranty