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Dental Noritake EX-3 Internal Stain Kit
Location:MJ Dental Supplies
Price:Call for Price
Sale Price:RM1,000

Supplier:MJ Dental Supplies
Email Address:Email Supplier
Phone Number:0122928299

The internal staining technique is the best method to replicate many of the most intricate patterns of shade variation found in natural teeth. Internal staining is particularly suitable when the variations in the shade are deep within the tooth. NORITAKE EX-3 INTERNAL STAIN is specially and exclusively formulated for internal staining to facilitate the reproduction of teeth with a wide range of internal colors. It is designed to be compatible with the SUPER PORCELAIN EX-3 product line.
It is also very effective for masking the highly reflectant nature of the opaque layer when the overlying porcelain is thin.