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Dental Noritake Meister Finish
Location:MJ Dental Supplies
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Supplier:MJ Dental Supplies
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Phone Number:0122928299

Alumina fiber is a space age material. Noritake cooperated with one of the top
universities in Japan to develop an alumina fiber polishing material. NORITAKE
MEISTER FINISH is the first polishing point in the world made of this space age

  • Minor adjustments on porcelain margins.
  • Grooves in occlusal metal.
  • Inside surface of PFMs and full cast metal crowns.
  • The surface of the access hole of an implant supported crown.
  • The f inishing line of a denture framework.
  • The tooth-side-surface of rests.
  • Brown colour: Coarse
  • Blue colour: Medium
  • Red colour: Fine